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Hampi. A mythical landscape scattered with huge granite boulders balanced precariously on each other and held together by mythology and history. Bisected by the Tungabhadra and ancient irrigation canals that create a sliver of blue and green across the rugged terrain, this is a land imbued with the presence of gods, goddesses, and heroes. Spread across this are the ruins of a magnificent city once described as the best-provided city in the world.

In this Blog on Hampi, we dive back into its history and mythology to bring you fascinating tales and anecdotes from South India’s largest, wealthiest, and most powerful kingdom. While excavating and sifting through the sands of time, we invite you to share with us your experiences of this surreal realm.


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Where Stones Sing: The Hemakuta Hill in Hampe

Published on: 06/05/2024 Contributors: Sourabha Rao

Hampe, or the anglicised Hampi, keeps several mythological stories alive to this day. Etched in stone. Literally.

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Craft Calling: Traditional Lambani Arts and Crafts and the Sandur Kushala Kala Kendra

Published on: 12/04/2024 |Contributors: Bindu Gopal Rao

Located forty-two kilometres from Hampi, the tiny village of Sandur is doing its bit to preserve local crafts through the local outfit Sandur Kushala Kala Kendra.

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The Path of a Downfall: Movements that Led to the Collapse of the Vijayanagara Empire

Published on: 20/03/2024 Contributors: Nicholas Rixon

When discussing the last days of the mighty Vijayanagara Empire, we often point to the long drawn out battles of 1565 as the beginning of the end. However, Herculean empires like this one do not simply disappear into oblivion.

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North Karnataka’s Threesome — Badami, Aihole, & Pattadakallu

Published on: 01/10/2022 |Contributors: Prathap DK

While the famous UNESCO World Heritage site, Hampi, is just about three hours away from these three incredibly beautiful tourist places, not many people visit them.

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