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Dear Guests,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share with you the background of our brand name change from ‘Orange County’ to ‘Evolve Back’.

History of the brand name ‘Orange County’

The House of Ramapuram, planters by tradition, diversified into the hospitality business in 1994 by setting up a small resort in our 100-year-old, 300-acre Chikkana Halli Estate in Coorg. What came naturally to us was to share our way of life and extend the planter’s tradition of warm hospitality with our primarily urban guests.

Besides coffee and spice, Coorg produced some of the finest oranges in the country. As a reflection of this, we decided to name the resort ‘Orange County’ to cue in the produce and the colonial planter legacy of Coorg. When we opened our second Resort at Kabini, we decided to continue with the ‘Orange County’ brand name because of the equity the brand had built. However, by then, a blight had permanently destroyed most of the orange trees in Coorg.

Over this period, as we journeyed through life, we discovered our unique individuality and character and put this down in our mission statement as ‘To provide exquisite holiday experiences while preserving the purity of nature and culture of the land’. This philosophy was later enshrined in the tagline ‘Spirit of the land’.

Reasons for the name change

While it was a difficult decision to change the brand name that has served our guests and us well, we thought it was best to make the change now.

The reasons for the change are:

• The name ‘Orange County’, crafted specifically for our resort in Coorg, was not conveying the ‘Spirit of the land’ character of our new resorts – Kuruba Tribal Village themed resort at Kabini and the Vijayanagara Palace themed resort at Hampi.

• As we prepare to expand the locational footprint of our resorts to other parts of India, Africa and Asia, we needed a universal name that was inspired by our ‘Spirit of the land’ philosophy and would remain relevant anywhere in the world.

• In the global tourism markets, the brand name ‘Orange County’, has a very strong association with a county in California, USA. As we looked at our future, we realised that the brand name ‘Orange County’ was not in keeping our mission in life, which was to preserve and showcase the unique and authentic localness or ‘Spirit of the land’ of each of our remote and quaint locations.

Essence of the new brand name ‘Evolve Back’

‘Evolve Back’ is the new brand name we have given to the same ‘Spirit of the land’ experience, that we have always immersed our guests in. It is inspired by the past when the air, land and all of nature was pure, hospitality was from the heart, life was simple, nice and peaceful, culture was of the land, food was from the goodness of nature… Evolve Back is our signature style of delivering all these with the best in comforts and luxuries.

Let me reassure you…nothing has changed about us… Just our name. It gives me great pleasure to invite you once again to continue the journey with us at Evolve Back.

Warm Regards

Emmanuel Ramapuram

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