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A Pioneer Coffee Planter

Achayya Mukattira

I would like to introduce to you, Mr. Ivor Bull, a gentleman and a pioneer Coffee Planter, who made a significant impact in stabilizing coffee prices in South India.   Born to a Norwegian father and an English mother in the year 1894, he completed his schooling at Glasgow and became a farmer in Australia….

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The position of the star had been noted, and the date was set. It was that time of the year when one could feel the anticipation and excitement in the air, of the approaching harvest and associated festivities of Huthri. Huthri, the Harvest festival was round the corner – a season that all of Coorg…

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Kodava Hockey Festival

Deepti Michelle John

Hockey holds a special significance for the Kodavas, who have a rich and lengthy history of being connected with this exciting sport.   Hockey is also a unique aspect of the Kodava culture, reflecting their martial spirit. Interestingly, the district of Kodagu, home to the Kodavas, is considered the ‘cradle of Indian hockey’. Some of…

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Coffee by the Yard

Jose Ramapuram

The Robusta Coffee bushes at Chikkanahally Estate were laden with ripe, red coffee cherries during my visit to Coorg in January this year.   The harvest had just commenced, so after my evening coffee, I stepped out of the estate bungalow with my camera and walked slowly along the rough mud road to the coffee…

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A mini Tibet in Coorg

Deepak Amembal

A mini Tibet in South India, 2,000 kilometres from Tibet! To know the Tibetan way of life and to see the Golden Temple, the people in South India need not venture very far from their homes. A few kilometres from Madikeri in Karnataka is Bylakuppe where the Indian government had leased 3,000 acres of land…

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Nalknad Aramane

Lakshmi Sharath

The mist plays with the mountain. The hills come alive. We are in Coorg, locally known as Kodagu after the Kodavas who inhabit this region. As we drive up the Western Ghats, we see the slopes carpeted by coffee and cardamom plantations. The showers had just set in and the coffee plantations were filled with…

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