Coffee blossoms appear during the month of January, when water falls like artificial rain for over 5 hours from the sprinklers installed in a Coorg estate. The coffee plants begin germinating and the sprinklers are shifted to another plot. The plants take five days to produce fresh coffee blossom. The coffee plantations then look like jasmine flower gardens.


Coffee Blossoms


The flowers stay on coffee plants for over nine days. After the ninth day, the flowers slowly dry and little coffee beans grow on the coffee plants as a cluster.

Each year in the month of December or the beginning of January, coffee harvesting starts at the Chickanahally estate. Normally, when the coffee harvesting commences, we start from one corner of the estate to begin the process which lasts for up to 2 months.


Coffee Berries


While harvesting, one notices that the maximum number of berries are red in colour and some green. The labourers are asked to harvest both types of coffee beans separately as the red berries have to be placed in the pulping machine. Once the beans emerge from the machine, the coffee is referred to as parchment coffee which is dried in sunlight for over 10 days. The coffee is then packed and placed in the godown. From there the coffee is sold to buyers.