Picturesque Coorg, is known for its verdant hills and salubrious climate. Coorg is a place of good food, fantastic accommodation facilities, bird watching, river rafting and trekking. It has many popular trekking routes that are well-loved among the weekend crowd from neighboring cities; Bangalore being one of the prime ones.

Coorg is the place that a trekker is meant to be at.  In other words, Coorg has all it needs for trekkers to fulfill their trekking desires.

Coorg offers its trekkers all kinds of terrain to trek on; from easy to fairly difficult, to extremely challenging. Here is a list of the most famous and recommended trails for trekking in Coorg:

Tadiyandamol Trek:

Tadiyandamol is the highest peak in Coorg. For a newbie, Tadiyandamol is a step to explore trekking. With its soft and gentle green slopes, Tadiyandamol makes it easier to trek. It is the third tallest peak in Karnataka. Once you make it to the peak, it gives you some breathtaking views!

Camping is also an option on Tadiyandamol with certain spots meant to pitch tents. Here, you will be able to drink in the beautiful landscape with the greenery stretching far below and the misty clouds at your feet.
Best season: September to December

Shola_tadiandamol, Coorg

Breathtaking Tadiandamol

Brahmagiri trek:

The Brahmagiri mountain range, situated in the Western Ghats, lies on the border of the Coorg and Wayanad districts of Kerala. The slopes of the Brahmagiri Mountains are covered by thick forests and are home to many wildlife animals.

This is the most frequented trekking route in Coorg. It is not an easy task to hit the peak of this mountain; it requires a lot of patience and energy, and if success is on your side, its rewards are the sweet waters of alternating springs and an adventure that facilitates good sightseeing.

Best season: December to February

Brahmagirishola, Coorg

Sylvan Heights: Brahmagiri

Galibeedu Trek:

This mountain range is situated near Madikeri, a very popular destination in Karnataka, renowned for its scenic splendor and beauty. The mountain range is popular for its diverse terrains and picturesque surroundings.
Galibeedu to Subramanya is the most chosen path; this path needs expert guidance due to its wild and thick woods. The Nishani Motte is the highest peak of the Galibeedu range.

Best Season: January to April

Happy trekking, folks! And there’s more to come!