The kitchens of Evolve Back are famed for the originality and sumptuousness of their platters. Made from the freshest and finest produce, and served in some of the most spectacular settings, the Evolve Back repast offers an extensive selection of the finest in Indian and Continental cuisines. Our table also boasts a creative vernacular flavour with chefs conjuring up delicacies inspired by the local food idiom.

At Evolve Back, Coorg soul food finds body and spirit to seduce your palate in three awesome temples to the culinary arts. The impressive culinary spread at the resort, is outdone only by the breathtaking settings of its restaurants.

Kadamputtu – steamed Rice Balls  ( a Kodava delicacy that is  famously pared with Pandi Curry) 






Rice Rawa – 1 kg
Water – 1500 ml
Salt – 3 grams
Butter – 5 grams



1.Boil the water with salt
2.Add the Rice Rawa stirring continuously so that no lumps are formed
3.Keep stirring until the rava is cooked and all the water absorbed
4.Remove from fire. spread out onto a thali and knead it a little
5.Roll it into lime size round balls between your palms rubbing a little melted butter
6.Wrap up these balls in a damp muslin cloth and steam them for 20 minutes