The kitchens of Evolve Back are famed for the originality and sumptuousness of their platters. Made from the freshest and finest produce, and served in some of the most spectacular settings, the Evolve Back repast offers an extensive selection of the finest in Indian and Continental cuisines. Our table also boasts a creative vernacular flavour with chefs conjuring up delicacies inspired by the local food idiom.

At Evolve Back, Coorg soul food finds body and spirit to seduce your palate in three awesome temples to the culinary arts. The impressive culinary spread at the resort, is outdone only by the breathtaking settings of its restaurants.

Kerala Fish Curry a traditional Kerala style fish curry. Fish cooked with spices in coconut milk and flavored with Kokum.


kerala fish curry

Kerala Fish Curry



Seer Fish 1000g
Onion thinly sliced 150g
Small onion 50g
Ground ginger & garlic 50g
Tomato 150g
Green Chilly 15g
Kokum 3no.
Coconut Milk – Medium 1no.
Coconut Milk –Thick 1no.
Coconut oil 150ml
Curry leaves 5g
Fenugreek 10g
Salt 10g

For the Masala
Chilly powder 50g
Turmeric powder 10g



1.Heat oil in a pan
2.Splutter fenugreek
3.Add ground ginger & garlic & sauté
4.Add big & small onion & stir
5.When it becomes brown add the Masala powders
6.Cook this on low fire till the Masala is done & oil starts appearing
7.Add Kokum, salt, green chilly, and tomato & curry leaves along with the fish pieces
8.Cook the fish in medium thick coconut milk 9.Once the gravy is dried completely add thick coconut milk & curry leaves & cook for another 10 – 15 minutes