Each year, the months of November, December and January sees the paddy harvest season come alive in Coorg. All the labourers get together, use a ‘kokkekathi’ (a particular type of knife) and wearing a plantation dress code – a full sleeve shirt, an apron and a gunny sack around themselves, begin harvesting the paddy.


A Woman Harvesting Paddy at Coorg…


The labourers leave the harvest in the paddy field for two days so that the paddy dries up properly. After this time, they bundle up the paddy, take it to the place where the paddy is segregated from the hay and place the same in a triangular shaped lawn in the direction that the wind blows.

The wind carries the dust and the paddy falls in the centre of the lawn. The labourers then collect the paddy, place it in a gunny sack and store it. The hay is also collected (which contains the left over paddy). The buffaloes walk on this. The remaining paddy comes out of the hay and bundles are made out of it. These bundles are used to feed buffaloes and cows. Paddy straw is also used to build the roofs of homes in Coorg.

Ever witnesses paddy being harvested at Coorg?


Guests Harvest Paddy at Evolve Back, Coorg