A thread-like South Indian meal from the unique land of Coorg that’s a healthy morsel too…you’ve guessed right! It’s the Nool Puttu! Generally eaten with Koli Curry, the Nool Puttu figures among the staple foods of Coorg!

Let’s Get to the Bottom of it!

1.Broken Rice (Thari): 200 gm
2.Water: 400 ml
3.Salt: 10 gm
4.Cardamom  Powder: 1 gm

Ingredients of the Nool Puttu


The ‘Fabrication’: Serves 4!

1.Heat water in a vessel till it turns medium hot.
2.Add salt, and subsequently, broken rice (‘Thari’).
3.Mix gently, and ensure lumps don’t form.
4.Remove from flame.
5.Dip your hand in cold water and make apple-sized balls from the dough.
6.When they cool, then press each ball into a Nool Puttu press (that has been oiled)
7.Make sure the ‘press release’ is in a saucer.
8.Repeat till all balls are finished.
9.So Kodavas, want to give us some tips on making the Nool Puttu tastier? 🙂

Nool Puttu: a Healthy Serving


Malayalees does this remind you of ‘Idiyappam’? 🙂

Awaiting more ‘Nool Puttu’ insights 🙂 (from the Kodavas in particular)….