When it comes to sightseeing and places to visit in Coorg, the list is endless. Each of these places is better than the other; the view, the flora and the fauna; it enchants you completely, making you wonder how a small place like Coorg can offer such myriad variety to a tourist.
For a travel blogger, Coorg is a paradise. So much to see, and so much to write about, that’s why it comes as no surprise that this land is listed as one of the must visit places in South India.

Apart from the plantations and trekking lands, Coorg has a number of Wildlife sanctuaries and one national park. From Nagarhole to Pushpagiri to Talakaveri, places like these are what make you return to Coorg for another vacation.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, Bhramagiri is another wildlife sanctuary which is very popular in the Southern parts of India. Located in Coorg, this wildlife sanctuary is part of the Western Ghats. Not too far away from the city of Bengaluru, the sanctuary gets its name from the highest peak known as the Bhramagiri peak. This point is also a very famous trekking land in Kodagu.
When it comes to flora, this sanctuary boasts of evergreen and semi-evergreen forests. Bamboo is something you can largely find here. However, in the higher altitudes, it is the grasslands that one can see.

Brahmagiri wildlife sanctuary, Coorg

Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary

The Shola forests are stunted tropical montane forests which are found only in the Southern parts of the country. One such place where they are found is the Brahmagiri wildlife sanctuary. They are found in the higher altitudes along with the grasslands.

It is the top of this hill, where you can find flora as well as fauna. Fauna such as Elephant, Gaur, Jungle Cat, Leopard cat, Lion – tailed Macaque, Slender Loris, Nilgiri Langur, Spotted Deer, Sambar, Wild Pig, Sloth Bear, Mouse Deer, Porcupine, Flying Squirrel, Civets, Brown Mongoose, Otter, Barking Deer, Tiger and Wild Dog can be found here.

deer at Coorg

Spotted Deer in Coorg..

These are just a list of some of the animals which are largely found here. Apart from these, there are many more which might particularly interest the wildlife photographers.
When it comes to snakes, the Python and Cobra are also found here. Black Bulbul, Emerald Dove, and Malabar Trogon are some of the birds that one can find here, that aren’t easily found in the city areas.

A day in the Bhramagiri Wildlife Sanctuary can leave you with excitement and joy after spending time in a place where nature is at its best.