‘Rosewood’ refers to a number of richly hued timbers, often brownish, but found in many different hues. All rosewoods are strong and heavy, taking an excellent polish, being suitable for guitars, furniture, luxury flooring, and so on. Rosewood oil is used in perfume.  This wood has a strong sweet scent, which persists over the years, explaining the name “rosewood”.

Rosewood Furniture at Coorg

Rosewood Furniture

‘Rosewood’ is found practically all throughout Coorg, and mainly on plantations. This is on account of the fact that Coorg possesses the conditions conducive for the rosewood tree to thrive here. This tree performs an important role on coffee plantations by providing the requisite shade to coffee plants.

The shoots of this tree, growing out of its roots are used to grow more trees.  A surprising fact about this tree is that it takes half a century to grow to its full size!

Rosewood at Coorg

Rosewood – the Exotic Wood

Musical instruments such as guitars, drums, ‘sitars’, violins and pianos are made from Rosewood. Guitars made out of Rosewood are known to produce good music. The great composer Mozart played on a piano made of rosewood.

The Maharajas who ruled Karnataka in ancient times had jewelry boxes made out of rosewood. Also, Swamijis (God-men) in the days of yore wore Rosewood slippers!

Rosewood is today used to make picture frames and paint brushes. It is also used to make wooden cases that wealthy golf players use to keep their golf balls.