Have you hit a snag at your workplace? Do you want to be raptured to a place of freedom? Do you love angling? If you answered “Yes!” to all these questions, then the Valnoor fishing camp is the ideal retreat for your perfect weekend.

This place offers the perfect scenery and a natural water body to test your angling skills. Located on the backwaters of the river Cauvery, the camp offers the calmness that you are looking for—quiet, serene and emotionally vitalizing with nothing but nature whispering secrets to you. Yes, its very poetic indeed.

Valnoor Fishing Camp, Coorg

Valnoor Fishing Camp. Image Courtesy: Hema Narayan

Let’s get a little into the angling aspect of it. If you’re here to fish, then here’s some information for you. It’s best to register yourself and get a license for a few hundred rupees to start with. Due to preservation efforts, you will have to let go of prized catches, except those that aren’t endangered and can safely arrive back home with you. Safely for you, that is. I’ve not fished here, but I heard that there are checks to ensure you only carry back permitted catches. For more information, you will have to check with the registrar (at the Coorg Wildlife Society offices) while obtaining the license.

Carry your own equipment! If you’re reading this article after reaching the spot without any gear, then here’s what you can do: sit, relax, and enjoy nature at its best.

Mahseers, Marals and Mapps are the kinds of fish you’ll find here. Enjoy angling!

Mahseer fish at the Cauveri

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