The Blue-winged Parakeet, also called the Malabar Parakeet is a species of parakeet endemic to the Western Ghats of Southern India. They can be spotted in small flocks in Coorg. These birds fly rapidly in forest clearings, making screeching sounds that differ from those of other parakeet species within their distribution range.

The birds’ long blue tails tipped in yellow and dark wings with a blue hue make an interesting contrast with the dull grey of their heads and bodies. Adult males and females can be easily distinguished by the colour of their beaks, the former sporting red ones and the latter’s being grey.

a blue-winged parakeet at Coorg

A Male Blue-winged Parakeet

The Blue-winged Parakeet feeds on seeds, fruits, particularly wild figs, buds, flowers and nectar.

The species nests in holes in trees, laying 4 spherical eggs. The female initially broods, with the male bringing food. Later the male takes over. The chicks fledge in about a month and leave the nest. Sadly, the chicks are sometimes trapped for trade.

So, how many avid birders out there have spotted this blue-winged beauty in Coorg?

 blue-winged parakeet

A Female
Blue-winged Parakeet