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Flora & Fauna

The district is characterized by dry deciduous scrub and southern thorn forests. A Sloth bear sanctuary right next to our resort is home to the famous Indian Sloth bear. Apart from them other animals found in these areas include leopards, wild boars, jackals, hyenas, porcupines, star tortoises, pangolins, mongooses and monitor lizards.

There are around 230 species of birds recorded in the area with the Grey Francolin, Barred Buttonquail, Common Kestrel and White –

throated Kingfisher, being among the most commonly sighted ones.

The boulder strewn landscape is crisscrossed by small streams and irrigation canals where historically mangoes, areca- palms, jackfruit, lime and orange trees were cultivated. Today one can find rice fields, banana farms and sugarcane fields here. These splashes of cultivation add to the surreal feel of the landscape.

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