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Hampi. A mythical landscape, littered with huge granite boulders balanced precariously on top of each other bound by mythology and history. Bisected by the Tungabhadra and ancient irrigation canals that create a sliver of blue and green across the rugged terrain, this is a land imbued with the presence of gods, goddesses and heroes. Scattered among this is the ruins of a once magnificent city. Described as the ‘the best provided city in the world’ the ruins of Hampi is a destination in itself. One that the discerning traveler will relish exploring one leaf at a time.

In this Blog on Hampi we dive back into its history and mythology to bring to you fascinating tales and anecdotes from South India’s largest, wealthiest and most powerful kingdom. While excavating and shifting through the sands of time we invite you to share with us your experiences of this surreal realm.

Category: Temples

Matanga Hill

Neelamma Subramani

At some point in our lives, with numerous backgrounds we would have watched some of the most beautiful sun-rises giving us hope for the day and setting suns giving us a promise of tomorrow. But watching a sun- rise or a sun -set with a mythological background is very erratic and contrasting unless we choose…

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Posted in: Destination Temples

While looking for offbeat places in a destination, I stumbled upon the Nava Brindavana. This is where there are nine small structures constructed for nine saints as a final resting place for them. A short boat ride will bring you to the place as it is amidst an island. The ride is scenic and all…

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Posted in: Destination Temples

I must confess upfront that I am neither a big-time history-culture buff, nor is the spirit of mine, with it’s existentialist leanings, enthralled by stories of palaces, kings and kingdoms. Yet, Hampi had been on my to-do list for quite some time now. It must have been the hippy in me wanting to commune with…

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Vignettes of the Past

Sheshadri Vasan

During the first two days during my recent visit, I did something new in Hampi and that was the wildlife, which I have already shared in my previous blog. But, that was not the end of it. Hampi gave me more and surprisingly a different perspective compared to what I had always seen. I call…

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Gods Hampi

Gods of Hampi!

Neeta Shankar

Five centuries back Vijayanagar kingdom and the Gods of Hampi. Materialistic wealth was perhaps arguably the highest in the world. Now all is lost. What remains is in ruins but the architectural beauty and their greatness in embracing ‘one God many manifestations ‘ philosophy lingers on in the idols of the Gods of Hampi still standing tall,…

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myriad feelings hampi

Hampi – the name itself brings out myriad feelings in one depending on whether one is a person interested in Mythology, Geology, Art, History, Social History, Irrigation Engineering, Archaeology or just an ordinary person enamored with Nature. So it is no surprise that UNESCO chose it to be a World Heritage center. Hampi acts like…

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