Nagarhole is home to 3 big predators – Tigers, Leopards and Dholes. On a good day, you will get to see one of these predators during the safari and it will be called a successful safari! All these predators depend on the same prey animals. Hence they do not tolerate the presence of other predators in their surroundings. This is why usually you don’t see more predators in a single safari.

So seeing two of the top three predators is extremely lucky. I was guiding a dozen guests and we had the best welcome anyone could hope for in a forest. Barely 10 minutes after we entered the forest, we heard some alarm calls given by the Spotted Deer and immediately saw a leopard walking towards us on the road. The bold male continued on the dirt track as we backed off, before disappearing into the bushes.


Strutting His Stuff: a Leopard

Then towards the end of the safari we were tipped off about a sighting of some Dholes nearby. We headed there and saw a pack of three dogs toddling along the path. The dogs sniffed away at the vehicle and continued on their way.

Dhole at Kabini

A Dhole

Although we did not see the king of the forest, guests were extremely happy with the close encounters we had with the other two predators.