In one of my previous posts, I introduced you to the narcissist who is a truly wonderful character. Some of you may be wondering why I introduce animals and birds as characters, for is that not romanticizing things a bit? I mean, do I really believe what I write? Well the answer to that is a bit complex, and unfortunately for some, (but fortunately for me), beyond the scope of this post. Therefore, let me just continue to do what I do, and I request you to kindly bear with me.

The large-hearted gentleman I refer to is the Tiger. Now I have just borrowed this phrase from the legendary Jim Corbett, so you see that I am in some extremely good company! He describes the Tiger thus “The tiger is a large hearted gentleman with boundless courage and that when he is exterminated, as exterminated he will be, unless public opinion rallies to his support – India will be the poorer by having lost the finest of her fauna.”

Tiger at Kabini

At the Water’s Edge…

A tiger sighting in Kabini is always the cherry on top of the pudding, and no matter what one says or feels about the other wildlife, a tiger sighting is the most exhilarating experience one can have in Kabini. There are many reasons for this, mostly emotional and spiritual, the rareness of the incident, its association with the divine, and with a bit of marketing thrown in, makes this the ultimate experience.

However, a tiger sighting is not in everyone’s fate, and the biggest mistake one can commit is to dedicate your safari to trying to spot a tiger. This will kill the entire safari experience for you. My advice is to enjoy the big picture, and when you have fully immersed yourselves in to the experience, the gods of the forests will smile upon you and bless you with the sighting of the said gentleman. After all, in this day and age, a true gentleman is hard to find, in and out of a forest!

Tiger in Kabini

Ever a Prize Sighting…