Dear Kabini,

Have you ever realized how magical you are? Everything about you is perfect. Nature at its best makes everything about your forests so magical. From the colors of the sun’s reflection on your backwaters to the numerous birds chirping and seen swooping in joy to the winding trails and the Komorabi (the stunning dappled light) of your wooded forests to the mesmerizingly beautiful animals that have you as their abode.

No wonder you are home to the most elusive of animals. The phenom, the black panther resides in you. Draped in the vast expanse of your green thick forests and stunningly tall trees could only make you the most beautiful lair for Leopards and Tigers to live.


Leopard – Photograph: Manasa Raghuram


You, Kabini are a piece of heaven on earth. The sight of herds of deer, elephants grazing while numerous species of birds flock to you, adding color and vibrancy to your luscious forest and river. Your mystical forests filled with chirping birds, resplendent peacocks showcasing their glorious selves, and numerous species of herbivores sashaying the forest floor, makes Kabini look nothing short of a scene out of a fairytale.


Peacock – Photograph: Manasa Raghuram


In the summers, you play home to a congregation of Asiatic Elephants that find life in you; in the winters, you grow to your most beautiful with lush green environs; in the monsoons, you are enchanting amidst the falling showers. It’s incredible how the different seasons bring out the different facets of your charm.

You make me fall in love with you every single time.