It’s winter time – a season of plenty. The mornings are misty and the night sky, stunning. During these hours of darkness, I heard a low hoot and a screeching call. I immediately rushed out with a torch in hand, and was surprised at the sight of a Mottled Wood Owl right in front of my room.

This large owl lacks ear tufts and is mottled and vermiculated in reddish brown and white. The face disc is marked with fine concentric black and white barring.

Mottled Wood Owl, Kabini

Mottled Wood Owl

Wasting no time, I got hold of my camera and clicked a few images to seize the precious moments on film. I didn’t stop there; I rang up my friends, who were all excited to see the owl too.

The Mottled Wood Owl has become a regular sighting here at Kabini. Sighting one of these beauties is the best way for naturalists to spend their evening time.

Mottled Wood Owl, Kabini

A Regular at Kabini!