It was an afternoon vehicle safari, and I was guiding 16 guests. As soon as we entered the park, a peacock welcomed us with a loud alarm call. I then asked Lokesh (the driver) to stop the vehicle. There was one more alarm call by the Spotted Deer. When we reached the boating point, we got the information that one of the vehicles sighted the tiger.

Tiger in Kabini...

Ever a Fascination…

We then rushed to the river bank. It was an amazing scene because a herd of 15 Elephants, 18 Gaurs, 24 Sambar, more than 200 Spotted Deer and a sounder of 18 Wild Pigs were in one frame. Then a Sambar looked inside the bushes and gave an alarm call.

At the same time, there was not too much reaction from the other prey animals. Then the Sambar ran towards the water again, watching the other side of bushes. And then I anticipated that the Sambar is taller than the Spotted Deer, so he could reach the view of the predator.

Then I asked Lokesh to move the vehicle to the other side of the river bank. As soon as we reached the place, a majestic male Tiger came out of the bushes. I was really excited, and called out, “TIGER TIGER” in a hushed tone.


It’s a Tiger!

Then the tiger sat among the plants and gave some beautiful poses, much to guest’s delight. Then he walked in front of the vehicle and hid beside the Flame of the Forest tree. I thought the Tiger might have seen something within the bushes; the Gaur calf was coming out. The calf, as soon as it realized the Tiger’s presence, was stunned and stood like a statue.

The other Gaur watched this behaviour and was alarmed. Then, the herd of 18 gaurs came out to the view line and merged into a group, and tried to hide the calf. Then the Tiger got up, and went inside the bushes. The guests enjoyed the moment.