The winter has brought an element of uncertainty when it comes to the boat safaris, especially in the mornings.

Kabini river

River Kabini

Apart from the low water levels, the thick mist and fog together create a great challenge to propel the boat. At times, the visibility becomes zero. These challenges are mostly overcome by our experienced boat drivers who can recognize the large landmarks (dead trees) in the water.

I would like to share a couple of snapshots from one of the misty morning safaris. The large numbers of trees visible in the pictures were submerged as the water rose due the construction of the dam built for irrigating the farmlands.

From afar, these dead trees appear like a painting. As the visibility is low, the boats travel really slowly. As we approached closer, I could sight different species of birds like Grey Herons, Little Egrets, and Spoon bill feeding in the shallow waters.

Different wetland birds come together for fish and other aquatic life forms which get trapped.

wildlife at Kabini

Winter Fishing…