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Kabini! An ancient land molded by modernity but also strangely left untouched by it. A land of myths, legends, history and pristine wilderness. A place where sages were born and mythical characters sought and found refuge. In these jungles, life beats to the rhythms of nature who unfolds her secrets one page at a time. The secret to success in this venerable realm is an ability to wait and watch.

In this Blog on Kabini we take you on a long and leisurely journey through this ancient land which has been witness to mainstream and tribal synergy with a dash of colonial legacy thrown in for good measure. Explore the jungle which has its share of thrills and spills punctuated with long intervals of calm. As fellow travelers we invite you to share your own experiences of this journey of discovery.

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The Kakankote State Forest, now part of the Kabini area of the Nagarhole National Park, was well known as the staging site of the famous Mysore Khedda – a method of capturing wild elephants. The unique feature of a Kakankote Khedda was the river drive which was first designed and carried out by G.P. Sanderson…

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A Naturalist’s Office

Vikram Nanjappa

The Corner Office, one of the most sought-after places in the workplace, is not exactly what comes to mind when one tries to picture a Naturalist’s office. Most people when confronted with the term, and if I may be permitted to say with a not so gentle push from a Naturalist, immediately think of the…

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It’s dawn in April, as a persistence of whistling prattle wakes you from a nimble sleep into which you were lulled last night by the haunting hoots of a scops owl. Wanting to put a face to the voice at this early hour, you step out of your room all ears, to go from bed…

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The Master of the Seas

Gowri Subramanya

One of the most beautiful sights a birdwatcher looks forward to is an Osprey hunting for fish, its exclusive diet, over the serene surface of a lake. As the boat meanders through the backwaters in Kabini, you can’t help but scan every bare tree stump jutting out of water, in the hope of spotting this…

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There is an implicit notion among regular Kabini visitors that the boat safari is something of a downgrade from its terrestrial counterpart.  I’ve witnessed reactions to the prospect of it range from tepid to decidedly resistant. Some even see it as an imposition tantamount to a common bureaucratic tactic: a ‘punishment transfer’.  Others are disdainful…

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Dancing Elephants

Vikram Nanjappa

Having worked as a Naturalist and lived in Kabini for near a decade, I have got used to people asking me to narrate my most memorable or thrilling wildlife experience. I’m sure they’re quite disappointed when I fumble around and am unable to offer up any one incident. However, I always tell them that the true…

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