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Kabini! An ancient land molded by modernity but also strangely left untouched by it. A land of myths, legends, history and pristine wilderness. A place where sages were born and mythical characters sought and found refuge. In these jungles, life beats to the rhythms of nature who unfolds her secrets one page at a time. The secret to success in this venerable realm is an ability to wait and watch.

In this Blog on Kabini we take you on a long and leisurely journey through this ancient land which has been witness to mainstream and tribal synergy with a dash of colonial legacy thrown in for good measure. Explore the jungle which has its share of thrills and spills punctuated with long intervals of calm. As fellow travelers we invite you to share your own experiences of this journey of discovery.

Category: Mammal

The jungles of Kabini is arguable the most beautiful part of Nagarahole Tiger Reserve according to me. The seasons change and so does the beauty of this jungle and gets better with every season that passes. You will understand the reason behind the caption of this blog towards the end but before that, let me…

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An Unlikely Bond

Vikram Nanjappa

Those of us who live and work in the wilderness and in close contact with wildlife are often faced with dilemmas. One such is the temptation to project human characteristics and qualities onto wildlife, known as anthropomorphism and personification. The attribution of negative human qualities onto animals are one of the causes for their persecution…

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The Magic Continues

Sheshadri Vasan

Hello Friends, I am back again to tell you more about Kabini’s own Bagheera, the black panther. In my previous blog, I had mentioned that I would be sharing my rendezvous moments with this Black Panther in three parts. As promised, here’s the second blog on this Big Black Cat of Kabini, the magical. Yes ,…

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black panther

Kabini, I have told enough about this magical place in my previous blog. I have been visiting this park for almost a decade now and this spellbinding forest calls me back time and time again. This land of leopards, I shall tell more about this later, was once a private hunting ground of the famous…

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Trunk Calls

Chaitrika Reddy

Remember the days when trunk calls were the only means of communication with your loved ones who lived far away? When, depending upon the telephone exchange rush, you had to wait somewhere from thirty minutes to four hours to connect to the person you wanted to talk with? Well, unlike those trunk calls, the way…

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The Elephant Mating Game

Vikram Nanjappa

Elephants are one of my favorite animals and I can spend hours watching a herd peacefully grazing at the Kabini backwaters. These animals are extremely social and observing the interaction between individuals is what prompts me to spend so much time with them. One of the aspects of elephant behaviour that fascinates me is their…

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Posted in: Mammal

When we hear the term ‘Giants of Kabini’, we automatically think of elephants. However, there is another giant in Kabini that is not as famous. I am referring to the Gaur, which is often known as the Indian Bison. There’s something very interesting about the Gaur found in Kabini, as opposed to the ones found in other…

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A Fight to the Finish!

Vikram Nanjappa

I have written a series of posts about the extraordinary bond that exists between a mother and her offspring in the wild. Most often this special bond is not visible to the casual observer, especially in the case of the deer family, as it is quite challenging to read any emotion into their faces. However,…

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