The Leopard seems to be a lucky animal for me, especially during the jeep safari. This time, I was with a big family including children and elderly people. My guests, who have been to jungles and national parks many times, wanted to see a cat, preferably a tiger. But luck was not on our side. We missed the tiger narrowly and saw only a long tail vanishing into the bushes.

However, nature’s gift was waiting for us as we were about to come out of the park. We saw a car parked about 100meters ahead of us. Suddenly, we stopped our vehicle and looked around. There were no alarm calls. After couple of minutes a male Leopard, gently crossed the road, facing towards our vehicle, marked his territory on the road side. He walked into the brushes across the road and sat there. What surprised me was that during his majestic walk, the Leopard was least bothered about the vehicles.

A few minutes later we found a female Leopard coming out of the bushes from where the male had come. The female Leopard however, seemed to be little upset about our vehicles. After inspecting the surroundings, she stretched her legs and suddenly leaped across the road and joined with the male Leopard. They both disappeared into the bushes.

It was a real treat for me as well as my guests, as these big cats stay together only for a short period during mating time.