Every time I go on a safari, I hope to see a Tiger, and so does everybody else. They are so fascinating, majestic, and elusive.
I was on an afternoon drive with a bunch of wildlife enthusiasts, who were well-travelled but had never spotted a tiger in the wild. Hence ours was a ‘tiger-centric’ drive. As we entered the national park, the pug marks of a tiger drew our attention. This was a positive sign. We continued our drive to the nearest waterhole and sighted an elephant drinking water and taking a mud bath.

Awww…. Awww…. Awww….. A warning call!!!!! Not far from the water hole, we heard the loud warning call of a Spotted Deer. I told my driver Prakash to turn the jeep around and follow the call. And there stood her majesty: a Tiger. Standing right on the road and looking first at the deer, she then looked at us before entering into the bushes. We had had a glimpse of the beast, finally.

Tiger at Kabini

Tiger at Kabini

We were thrilled with the sighting and continued on our drive. Elephants, gaur and a tiger augmented our sightings that day.

Elephant, Kabini

An Elephant

Ever sighted the striped royal at Kabini, anybody?