The jungles of Kabini is arguable the most beautiful part of Nagarahole Tiger Reserve according to me. The seasons change and so does the beauty of this jungle and gets better with every season that passes.

You will understand the reason behind the caption of this blog towards the end but before that, let me tell you this jungle is often covered with the sweet smell of freshness with a hint of mystery and darkness.There is something that’s bewilderingly beautiful about this forest that one seems be lost in its beauty trying to discover the unknown!!!

I have seen many moons in this magical place and have witnessed some of the most amazing behaviours of her inmates. This is about one such sweet behaviour of the lovely couple of Kabini!!!

The monsoons had just passed and it seemed that the mother earth was covered by a green carpet gifted by the rain gods. As I entered the woods of Kimara, I could see the thick mist getting cleared by the first rays of the winter sun.
I had a very interesting sight to welcome me. Sitting on the edge of the safari track, Bagheera seemed to be waiting endlessly for something and was least bothered by my presence in his vicinity. A strange behaviour for sure!!!


Bagheera – Photograph: Sheshadri Vasan


I am always astonished by the fantasy of this jungle and I have realised it is much larger than any other fantasy. Perhaps, Bagheera was also in one such fantasy world that day.

After a while, I could see something move behind the bushes in the direction where Bagheera was looking. A jungle fowl started calling frantically and there she was … the enchantress of the woods of Kimara.

She came out of the thicket and sprinted towards the track and Bagheera came down to his knees and was as tensed as he was focussed when his new found lady love stood in front of him. For the first time, I witnessed the romantic side of Bagheera for I have always seen his stealth and aggression.


Bagheera and the Enchantress – Photograph: Sheshadri Vasan


It’s a beautiful world out there for there’s beauty that’s beyond explanation and it’s just magical, romantic and evanescent!!!

With this I have concluded the three series photo-blog dedicated to the Black Panther of Kabini and I hope you have enjoyed reading them …. I shall be back soon with many more stories from Kabini – The Magical!!!