It was a hot evening on the boat safari last week when we spotted a mid-sized Osprey perched majestically on one of the tree stumps. As we were photographing this bird of prey, we could see its fierce eyes scanning the water for fish through the viewfinder.

Osprey, Kabini

It’s an Osprey!

Suddenly, the bird rose high into the air. It flew to a good height and abruptly stopped its climb and tucked in its wings for a lightning quick dive. Slicing through the air with great speed, it hit the water with a massive thud, yet focused on its prey.

Osprey at Kabini

The Dive Bomber!

The fierce talons locked onto the hapless prey (a large fish) and the mighty Osprey emerged out of the water, fiercely beating its wings to gain height and speed as it flew to the tree stump with the fish safely in its claws – for a hearty meal.

Osprey - Kabini

A Hearty Meal!

A mesmerizing site for all of us on the Boat Safari at Kabini.