Jeep Safaris in the misty mornings of winter are truly magical. The mist conceals little secrets and reveals them one by one at every bent and turns in the roads. Trees and animals loom out of the mist in a dream like state. The moon like sun pierces the air and the mist disappears like a ghost. All that remains of the mist is a sprinkle of dew. As the mist departed the forest and its creatures come out to bask contently in the sunshine.

As the golden rays streamed through the canopy we found this little dragon spreading his body and soaking up the sun. Without even a bit of movement, he seemed to be thoroughly enjoy every bit of the sunshine on him.

The Common Monitor Lizard seen above is the largest Lizard of south India. This Giant is a good climber and is often mistaken as part of the tree barks. Its main diet consists of bird eggs, small mammals and reptiles. The monitor lizard is an excellent predator that has roamed this planet for many million years now. Today this beautiful animal ceases to survive from the action and greed of the recently evolved man. Their meat is considered a delicacy causing them to be targeted for poaching. They are also vulnerable to habitat loss.