One early morning I got a call from our staff saying that a strange worm like snake was seen near the boundary of our resort. I shot to the spot to find this completely bewildered beauty in search of a little shade and peace. Being colorful, it unfortunately captured the attention of every passer by and was desperate to find solitude.

As soon as I identified the snake with the help of “Snakes of India” (a field guide), I understood the cause of its bewilderment. The Elliot’s Shieldtail is a nocturnal burrowing snake and was not used to all the attention and sunlight that it was now getting.

This snake gets to a maximum size of 10 inches and rarely surfaces from the ground. It feeds on earthworms and small insects inside the soil and never requires to surface. This is perhaps the only variety of Sheildtail found in Kabini.

After a good look at the snake and a couple of photographs, we released the snake in a dark shady corner far away from the hustle bustle of the Resort.