You will see them almost everywhere. They are on the trees, on the ground, in between the spotted deer, or just by themselves. They are the Hanuman Langur.
These monkeys are swift, agile and extremely alert creatures. They can see a predator coming towards them from very long distances, and to avoid them, they give a very harsh ‘warning call’ or an ‘alarm call’ and start jumping from one tree to another (some of these trees can be more than 6-7 ft. apart!).

It is very interesting to know that spotted deer stay close to the trees with Langur sitting on them. This is because the langurs drop the delicious leaves and fruits from the top of the tree for the deer and also warn them of approaching predators. Thus, spotted deer and Langurs are the best of friends.

Duringng the jeep safaris, one can observe these monkeys all around and sometimes even sitting on the ground and relaxing like the one in the photo above. Even then they are never far from the rest of their group. If one is on the ground, the rest of the group come down from the trees and lounge about on the earth.

During the relaxation time, the Langurs do not forget their role. One or two still keep a lookout for danger and warn others, for, they truly are the ever watchful eyes of the forest and nothing goes past without them noticing.