Many people believe that animals are expressionless. Anybody who has pets will agree with me, that this is absolutely untrue. Also, animals are said to have rudimentary taste buds. One thing I know is that, all my dogs (seven of them) have, over the years, developed the taste buds of a gourmet chef!

This evening, on safari, I witnessed a scene that will remain etched in my memory forever. Not that anything extraordinary happened, but interestingly, the unique facial expressions, with which the Wild Boar and the Spotted Deer, welcomed us, made my day for sure. Here are some of the photographs for you to witness.

This is probably one of the best wildlife moments of my life. Definitely, counts among the top. And I say this, even though I saw my favorite Gaur and a Leopard today!

This safari was definitely an experience with Wild Expressions!