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Kendadali urida sigadi mathu meenu – Charred pomfret, prawns & squids brushed with spiced coconut oil served with blackened baby potato and vegetable palya on a hot plate.


Kendadali urida sigadi mathu meenu



For the Seafood

White pomfret – 1 No (150 Grams)
King Prawns  – 30-40 Count 3 No’s (100 Grams)
Squids whole – 50 Grams
Crushed pepper corn – 5 Grams
Ginger – 5 Grams
Garlic – 5 Grams
Green Chili – 5 Grams
Chili powder – 5 Grams
Turmeric powder – 5 Grams
Curry leaves – 5 Grams
Lime – 1 Number
Coconut oil – 50 ML
Salt – 10 Grams


For Blackened Baby Potato

Baby potato – 50 Grams
Ginger paste – 5 Grams
Garlic paste – 5 Grams
Whole pepper corn – 5 Grams
Salt – 5 Grams
Kachi pulli – 5 Grams
Turmeric – 5 Grams
Green Chili – 5 Grams


For Vegetable Palya

Beans – 15 Grams
Carrot – 15 Grams
Green peas – 15 Grams
Cauliflower – 15 Grams
Onion – 30 Grams
Garlic – 10 Grams
Dry red chili – 01 No
Mustard seeds – 2.5 Grams
Cumin seeds – 2.5 Grams
Curry leaves – 5 Grams
Asafoetida – 2.5 Grams
Turmeric powder – 5 Grams                                                                                                                                                               Salt – 2.5 Grams
Coconut Oil – 50 ML
Fennel seeds – 5 Grams
Fresh or desiccated Coconut – 30 Grams


Method of preparation:

For the Seafood
Step-1: Clean Pomfret and clean stomach and cut slit mark on both side.
Step-2: Clean squid and De-vein prawn with tail on.
Step-3: Immerse the seafood into water with salt and vinegar for half an hour.
Step-4: Prepare a thick masala with crushed peppercorn, ginger, garlic, green chilies, curry leaves, turmeric, chili powder, lime juice, salt and a little coconut oil.
Step-5: Smear the batter all over the seafood and keep it for half an hour.
Step-6: Char grill with coconut oil for 8 minutes till the seafood is cooked.
Step-7: Serve hot with blackened baby potato and vegetable palya.

For the Blackened Baby Potato:
Step-1: Wash cleans the Baby potato and cut into half.
Step-2: Prepare marinate with Ginger paste, Garlic paste, Whole pepper corn, Salt, Kachi pulli, Turmeric, Green Chili.
Step-3: Apply marinate to the baby potatoes and let it rest for minimum thirty minutes.
Step-4: Char grill the marinated potato to roast till cooked and blacken, Serve Hot.

For Vegetable Palya
Step-1: Grind dry desiccated coconut, fennel seeds to a coarse powder and keep aside.
Step-2: Heat 3 cups of water and bring it to a boil. Now add all the chopped veggies and boil for 3 minutes.
Step-3: When done, drain and immerse them in cold water. Drain again and keep aside.
Step-4: Heat oil in a pan, splutter mustard, cumin seeds, red chili, split black gram and curry leaves. Sprinkle asafetida, add the onions and garlic and fry till translucent.
Step-5: Now add the blanched veggies, along with turmeric and salt.
Step-6: Cook for 3 minutes over medium flame or until it becomes dry, losing all the water content. Step-7: Switch off and then sprinkle the ground powder and finish the dish.