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Raagi Mudde Bassaru – Finger millets cake served with local horse gram and spinach curry.

Raagi Mudde Bassaru

Raagi Mudde Bassaru -Finger millets cake served with local horse gram and spinach curry.



For Raagi Mudde
Water – 500 ML
Salt – to Taste
Ghee – 30 Grams
Raagi Flour- 250 Grams

For Bassaru
Spinach – 100 Grams
Toor dal- 50 Grams
Green gram – 50 Grams
Turmeric powder – 5 Grams
Salt – as per your taste

For the gravy
Red chilies – 15 Grams
Coriander seeds – 5 Grams
Cumin seeds – 5 Grams
Black pepper – 10 Grams
Onion chopped – 50 Grams
Cloves of garlic peeled and chopped – 10 Grams
Tomato chopped – 50 Grams
Tamarind – 5 Grams
Grated coconut – 100 Grams
Salt as per your taste

For tempering the gravy
Red chili – 5 Grams
Mustard seeds – 5 Grams
Curry leaves – 5 Grams
Cooking oil – 60 ML

For curry
Red Chili – 5 Grams
Mustard seeds – 2.5 Grams
Urad dal – 5 Grams
Horse Gram dal – 5 Grams
Curry leaves – 5 Grams
Onion finely chopped – 100 Grams
Green chili – 15 Grams
Grated coconut – 30 Grams
Finely chopped coriander leaves – 30 Grams
Cooking oil – 10 Grams



For Raagi Mudde
Step-1: Firstly, take water, salt and ghee.
Step-2: Stir well and get the water to boil.
Step-3: In a small bowl take 2 tbsp raagi flour and ¼ cups of water.
Step-4: Mix well and make lump-free raagi water.
Step-5: Pour the raagi water once the water begins to boil.
Step-6: Stir continuously for 2 minutes.
Step- 7: Now spread 250 gm of Raagi flour.
Step- 8: Boil for a minute without disturbing.
Step-9: Now with the help of wooden stick or spatula, break the lumps gently by pushing the flour into water.
Step-10: Further keeping the flame on low, mix continuously in one direction.
Step-11: Additionally, add ghee and spread well for more flavors.
Step-12: Cover and simmer for a minute.
Step-13: Mix well and check if the raagi is cooked completely.
Step-14: Divide and make a ball when its hot.
Step-15: Finally, serve Raagi Mudde with Bassaru. 

For Bassaru
Step-1: Take Spinach leaves, rinse and finely chop them.
Step-2: Take Toor Dal and green gram in a cooker and rinse.
Step-3: Add in chopped spinach leaves. Also, add in salt and turmeric powder. Add in required water. Make 2 whistles. You can also cook using the open pot method but it will take more time.
Step-4: Meantime, in a frying pan add in a tsp of oil and fry Red Chilies, Coriander Seeds, Cumin Seeds and Black Pepper.
Step-5: Add in chopped Onion and Garlic. Fry them until raw smell is gone.
Step-6: Next to the same pan add in chopped Tomato. Fry them until soft.
Step-7: At the end add in grated Coconut and Tamarind extract. Fry for a minute and switch off the stove.
Step-8: Wait until the leaves and vegetables are cooked, drain the vegetable and lentils stock (water from cooked veggies) completely and keep it aside.
Step-9: Now add in 2 tbsp of cooked veggies to the fried ingredients and grind until smooth paste.
Step-10: Next take this ground paste and the vegetable stock (drained water from cooked veggies) in a container.
Step-11: Add in water as per your desired consistency, adjust the salt level and bring it to boil.
Step-12: Temper it with Oil, Red Chili, Mustard Seeds and Curry Leaves. Bassaru gravy portion is ready.

Let us proceed to the curry preparation.
Step-1: Now to prepare curry, heat a frying pan and prepare tempering using Oil, Mustard Seeds, Urad Dal, Gram Dal, Red Chili, Green Chili and Curry Leaves.
Step-2: Add in chopped onion and fry until soft. Onion for bassaru or bas saaru palya
Step-3: Add in cooked Spinach and lentils mixture. Mix well.
Step-4: Adjust salt. Add in grated coconut and coriander leaves. Mix well and Serve bassaru (gravy) and palya (curry) along with raagi mudde.