Today was a dry day in terms of wildlife sighting. Except for deer and birds we couldn’t spot any other animals. The safari was almost coming to an end, and the guests’ faces showed signs of disappointment. There was absolute silence in the jungle, as I was still yearning for warning calls of monkeys or deer.

Suddenly the silence was broken, with a rustling sound from the dry bushes. That’s when we spotted a fully grown female leopard right there! We all jumped with excitement on seeing her. Within a short while, a huge male leopard followed! After all, this safari was turning out to be great!

Without warning, the female leopard charged at the male and they were running along growling at each other.

When they disappeared into the bush, a leopard cub silently made his entrance, probably following his mother. The big male did not mind the presence of the cub, as he might have fathered him. The female however, ignored the male’s advances as she was not ready to mate.

Finally the male gave up the chase and positioned himself high, on one of the tree’s branches. The female and her cub strode into a different direction. We noticed that the male had not apparently given up! Instead, he jumped down from the tree and started following the female again, hoping she would accept his advances sooner or later!! Fruit of Patience is indeed sweet!