Here is one member of the animal kingdom that you will possibly envy. It is the Langur. In this case however, your mother in law might think that you resemble one! Now while we may envy the male Langur in many ways, we should keep in mind that there is a dark side that we should beware of. Whoever dreamt of eternal life in paradise was just that – a dreamer .

Hanuman Langur at Kabini

A Hanuman Langur Mother and Baby

Langurs live in more or less three types of groups. However, the group that we can be  envious of is the single male group ( we will come to some other time ) comprising one male with several females and offspring . In this type of group, the resident male does all the mating and sires all the young. However, all is not sunshine and light as male replacement can occur fairly quickly or take its time, depending on the circumstances. Typically, it is estimated that a single male has a tenure of about forty five months. The dark side of being born male is that when a male is replaced, the new comer indulges in male infanticide! He proceeds to kill all the male offspring of his predecessor. The game of thrones is certainly no place for the faint hearted.

Hanuman Langur - Kabini

Three Cheers to the Hanuman Langurs!