Winter is closing in, and the Gaurs are slowly returning from the center of the forest to the peripheries. Throughout the year, they are found deep inside the national parks in swampy grasslands called Hadlus. One of the reasons for coming out into the peripheries is that the temperature inside the forest goes really low, and the other reason being – their breeding season (also known as the Rutting Season) coincides with the winter months of November and December.

During the safaris, one can get to see these majestic 1.5 ton members of the cow family (The largest wild cattle in the world). Sometimes, one can get to see little calves in between a large herd of females.

The males however are much bigger than the females and are usually solitary. During early mornings and late evenings, the Gaur Rutting calls can be heard through out the forest all throughout winter. Sometimes one can observe some of the males displaying their dominance to other males and trying to woo the females.