Learning more about wild life was always my dream. Initially, I focussed mainly on wet land birds. As I was searching for a job in wildlife, I got a chance to work in the Nagarhole National Park, which I previously knew only through books on the same.
I went for my first safari in Nagarhole. I remember how excited and surprised I was when I entered the park.

My first sighting was of a troop of Common Langur. The parental duties were shared amongst the females in the troop. There was also a female carrying a young one. That was a treat for the guest’s camera.

Then I spotted the Indian Roller in courtship giving out the mating call. I then saw some thing move within the Lantana bushes. A herd of Spotted Deer were emerging one by one from the bushes. The fawns of the herd were the attraction for my guests.

As we were all focusing on the deer, I suddenly turned to the left and saw something move on the slope. 20 meters away from the vehicle, a massive leopard did the classic ‘cat walk’. I shouted out, “Leopard! Leopard!” All the guests were excited to see the Leopard, but he suddenly entered the bush.

Leopard, Kabini

The Spotted Beauty of Kabini…

My guests and I wondered from where the Leopard would emerge. It was so large. We turned our vehicle to another end of the dry vegetation. Again, we spotted him. This time, he was quite close to our vehicle. He had beautiful rosettes on his body and a white moustache. Wow!  He watched us for more than five minutes. The guests were excited. I was fortunate to be on this vehicle safari.

Leopard at Kabini

Its Mr. Spots Again!