Most visitors to Kabini are interested in the safaris. And who can blame them? However, this obsession with safaris has a downside too; most of them miss the wealth of nature that surrounds them even outside the park. The Orange County campus has a lot to offer in terms of nature and wildlife if one would only take some time to look around.

A good place to start is near the infinity pool. Yes, the infinity pool! Relax and soak in the sun but don’t let your mind wander. A tough task, but one with a few rewards. Soon you will realise that you are not alone, for the pool has a resident who looks on you with mixed feelings. He is the White – Browed Wagtail. You will find him wandering around the place furiously wagging his tail!

White - Browed Wagtail at Kabini

White – Browed Wagtail, Kabini

When you walk back to the reception area you will in all probability come across a few sparrows. Now sparrows were once very common in our cities but they seem to have abandoned them lately. Do they know something we don’t? If it has rained, look around for a few muddy patches, you should find a few of them indulging in a mud bath. This might strike you as a good idea, and if it does, do change direction, and head for the Vaidyashala for a relaxing treatment of your own.

Sparrows at Kabini