Sometimes boat safaris throw up unexpected surprises. This evening, we decided to take the boat to the President Road via Sunset Point. Whenever we cross Sunset Point we always, as a matter of habit, check the road leading to it. We saw on the road, something that at first I mistook for a Spotted Deer. However, the profile did not seem right and a look through the binoculars confirmed it as a Leopard. It walked down the road and turned left into the undergrowth. Interestingly, two curious Peahens were straining their necks to watch the progress of the Leopard.

I felt that he wanted to come down to the river for a drink, but hesitated when he saw the boat. So we went to Presidents Road and quickly turned back, killing the engine and drifting as we approached Sunset Point again. We were duly rewarded by the sight of him coming towards the water, having a drink and then walking away once more into the undergrowth.

An experience our accompanying guests will remember for a long time.