Nagarhole is among the well protected National Parks in India. It is always a paradise for beginners like me; I had a wonderful experience there this summer. But I was longing to go on safaris in the monsoon too. The summer was about to be over, so the pre monsoon rains save the forest from natural disasters such as forest fires. On account of the pre monsoons, the plants retained their green life. The monsoon has commenced, and the sighting of animals this season is always a challenge. This was my first safari during the monsoon.

On that day, it rained heavily inside the park and there was thunder and lightning. I was scanning the edges of the bush, but hardly found anything. I then asked my driver to go to the boating point. Before we entered that place, however, I heard a noise that sounded like thunder but did not come from the sky.

We then proceeded towards the river bank. Wow! It was an unforgettable moment of my life: over 20 pairs of Chital Stags had locked their antlers and were emanating a loud call. I then asked my guests to use their binoculars and closely watch the moment.

Spotted Deer in Kabini

Locking Antlers!

They could see Sambar, herds of Elephants, and Gaur in the same place. However, the Chital stags were the highlight. The guests had really enjoyed the moment.

Spotted Deer in Kabini

Deer in Action!