During our jeep safari last evening, we heard strong alarm calls made by two monkey species, the macaque and the langur. The calls were so loud that we were assured of spotting some predator. When we rushed to the spot, we saw a big male Leopard, with his kill, a big female Sambar. The leopard was sitting on the ground and biting the neck of his prey.

Couple of minutes later, he released the Sambar, making sure the animal is dead and sat by his prey. I saw blood dripping from the mouth of the panting Leopard. To my knowledge, Leopards hunt smaller animals which can easily be dragged to the tree tops, to keep away from bigger predators. But today’s slay was an exception!

It was a wonderful experience for the guests and me. From this incident we learnt that even a leopard could bring down a big Sambar deer. Since it was dark none of us could click good pictures.