Bangalore has been extremely hot over the past week, and as I sit sweating besides my computer, I can’t help but allow my mind to wander a bit. It should come as no surprise that my mind takes me back to Kabini in the monsoon. Now the monsoon is not considered the best time to visit a National Park, as most animals disperse, and thus sightings are not very good. One result is that very few people get to experience the forest during the monsoon. While I don’t blame people for avoiding Kabini during the monsoon (I confess that I really don’t enjoy wet weather), I feel that at least one trip is worth their while.

Kabini during the monsoon is very different from Kabini during the dry season, and one should experience both. The sightings, while comparatively lower in number, are good by any yardstick. What they may lack in numbers is more than compensated by their quality.

Leopard, Kabini

Monsoon Surprises…

The thrill of driving through a lush dense forest not knowing what might be lurking a few feet away is much more thrilling than seeing hundreds of animals in plain sight . And when one does see something, the sheer beauty of the surroundings just takes ones breath away! Some may think that the heat is playing with my mind but I beg to differ. Kabini in the monsoon is an experience like no other!

Leopard in Kabini

Thrills of the Season!