The Monsoon has begun in Kabini. But the Nagarhole National Park throws up surprises each moment. These days, whenever we enter the forest, the monsoon showers welcome us. On that day, I was guiding 17 wildlife enthusiasts. We happend to see Gaur, Sambar, Spotted Deer, Common Langur, and Bonnet Macaque. I was engaging our guests by telling them interesting stories of Termites and Bee Hives.

The rain stopped suddenly. One of the safari vehicles was signaling that there was a Bull Elephant on the scene. We rushed there. I told the driver to stop the vehicle a little away from the elephant. I was telling the guests that the elephant may come closer to us and hence there should not be any sudden movements. The Elephant passed right in front of the vehicle! It had massive tusks. He had recently taken a mud bath. He then went close to the Axel Wood Tree and rubbed his belly against it. This was a real treat to our guests.

Elephant in Kabini

The Mighty Tusker!

We then saw a peacock about to begin its dance. I told the guests somewhere here were pea hens. We then saw the pea hen, and then a herd of Spotted Deer try to cross the track. I anticipated predator movement very close to us. Guests were clicking pictures of the pea fowl, when one of them shouted out, “Leopard! Leopard!”

Yes, a massive male Leopard was sighted stalking a deer. He was ferocious and turned upon the deer. The Spotted Deer then started producing alarm calls. The Leopard went and hid himself from the deer behind the tree stump.

The alarm calls were a little louder now. The Leopard lost his focus. He then slowly prowled about and disappeared into the bushes.

Leopard, Kabini

The Retreating Stalker…