They say that a son is a son till he gets married, but daughters are forever. Poor married male souls like us, have over the course of our marriages, realised the truth in that statement. However, if you feel that you have it though, wait till you come face to face with an elephant mother and her female calf.

Mother and daughter

An Elephant Mother and Child

Now you may, in your most private thoughts, see more than a passing resemblance between an elephant mother and your mother in law. You should thank your stars that the resemblance is purely cosmetic.

An elephant mother and her female calf share, arguably, the closest bond in the animal kingdom. For starters, the gestation period of an elephant is close to two years, and as we share almost the same life expectancy, this is indeed a big deal. A female elephant will remain with her mother till her mother’s death. She will learn about her life, where to go, what to eat, and how to survive from her. She will also depend on her when she herself first becomes a mother.

Mother and daughters

Mother: a Companion Par Compare

A lot of knowledge, essential to the survival of the herd and the species, is transmitted from mother to daughter. It should therefore come as no surprise that elephant herds are led by the matriarch, the oldest female in the herd who is usually a grandmother. In this matrilineal structure, the mother and daughter relationship is of the utmost importance. So the next time you see an elephant herd, thank your stars that your wife is not one!