The heat is here. From Kuruba Safari Lodge to Kracadawna Organic Farm and back we are thinking of cooling you down and keeping you easy. The safaris and sultry days keep us focused on good food that keeps your stomach light and yet pleases the palate with unusual combinations of local greens, simple salads and seasonal gourds to complement that hearty red rice perfectly!

The last season of excessive rain took its toll on the land but we see slow recovery. The soil is breathing again and at Kracadawna we are busy with summertime compost making and green manuring. Our team of co-workers are really into the business of preparing compost teas and panchagavya applications. We look forward this month to activities to bring balance back to the Earth. Now that Ugadi is over we will be spending time preparing for the rainy season.


Juli and Vivek Cariappa – creators of the Kracadawna Organic Farm


The cows who give us the delicious milk for those amazing desserts and curd that Chef Abhishek and his team tantalise the guests with, are beginning their season of plenty. The fodder is scarce as summer peaks but our bovine queens trudge known paths and glean every bit of the grass they get and serve it up with graceful consistency. Not to mention their dung which gives our compost the perfect microbial profile for a healthy soil and nutritious crops that find their way to Evolve Back twice a week without fail.

The essence of the partnership between Kracadawna and Evolve Back is probably best expressed in the vegetable garden where about 70 vegetable beds are hand nurtured respecting natural cycles of short and long-term species. Most beds follow companion planting principles where varieties of plants which have proven to thrive well together, share nutrients and sunlight, air and water in optimal ways. We strive to learn from the rainforest ecology, by observing and exploring the lessons we learn from what the plants, weeds and seeds teach us.



Vegetable beds – Photograph: Azad Cariappa


In fact summer is the season we produce many of the heirloom seeds we need to create the unique menu at Kuruba Safari Lodge. Whether its local greens or specialty Lettuces and Herbs, whether its traditional long beans and brinjals or exotic Cherry tomatoes and squashes we attempt to bring the special character of Kracadawna into these seeds so that they represent the true spirit of the land which is the abiding theme of Evolve Back Resorts.

We hope guests will enjoy this journey of biodiversity brought to the table blended in with a strong commitment to sustainability by supporting local production, reducing food miles and yet creating a sumptuous and healthy food experience.