Behavior of animals is unpredictable and sometimes it surprises you! As it was a sunny day, we hoped for good sighting during our boat safari and we were not disappointed! All of a sudden, we spotted a Leopard, lurking in the brush of the quiet forest. It is known that the twitch of the tail may be the only give-away of a leopard resting on the branch of a tree. This is indeed true! It took us a while to register the sighting. As if in a dream, we watched this enchanting sight. A fully grown male Leopard is definitely a sighting that you do not forget in a lifetime.

As we watched, His majesty walked on the mud road and suddenly spotted a deer, then stopped and looked intently at the deer. For a moment we thought that he was going to make a kill. We were very close to him, but he did not seem too bothered about that. After a while, he slowly slipped away into the brush, and the show was over!

Analyzing animal behavior is not an easy task; however, it is known that cats are very shy by nature and do not like human interference. I also think that he was probably not hungry but just sauntering and that’s why he ignored us.