It was an afternoon vehicle safari in the Nagarhole National park on the 06/03/2014. There were 15 guests accompanying me. It was a hot afternoon, and the forest was completely dry, with the sunlight directly hitting us. As we began our safari from the resort, everyone was excited to go to the national park to experience its beauty.

As we know, Nagarhole has its own beauty. As I was asking each guest what they were hoping to see that day, most of them said they wanted to see a big cat, especially the Tiger. As we went inside the National park, we saw herds of Spotted Deer, a sounder of Wild Boar, and a troop of Common Grey Langur.

As we entered KV Road near Barballey, I was just scanning the area inside the Lantana bushes. I was also telling the guests to help me spot anything I missed. As I went 2 km towards the KV power line, I just got up from my front seat which was next to the driver.

Tiger, Tiger! Everybody was astonished to see the majestic cat which just came out of the water hole with wet mud visible on its hind legs.

Tiger, Kabini


Everybody was happy to see the female tiger and the guests clicked many beautiful pictures of the big cat.]

Tiger in Kabini

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