The dead trees in the reservoir and the tall eucalyptus trees on the banks of Kabini are the roosting spots preferred by the beautiful Peregrine Falcon – a powerful predator of the skies.
You must try to see this beautiful bird during the Boat Safari at Orange County, provided of course, luck favors you. We have seen this Falcon awaiting small birds like Mynas and Wagtails which it preys upon. We also once spotted a Peregrine Falcon chasing a Myna. Fascinatingly, the latter took refuge in our boat.
However, when the Myna took off from the boat, he found that the Falcon was waiting for it, soaring above the boat. Fortunately, fate favored the Myna!

The magnificent Peregrine Falcon

The magnificent Peregrine Falcon!

The fascinating Peregrine Falcon occurs in several species across the world, two of which are found in Kabini. This includes the Falco Peregrinus Calidus and the Falco Peregrinus Peregrinator.
The fastest dives of this falcon may reach 180 to 240km/h. Some records claim that it could even reach beyond 360km/h! It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Peregrine Falcon is the fastest flying bird of prey found in the world!

Posing with its Kill!

Posing with its kill!

The falcon takes pride in positioning itself on the tall eucalyptus trees. We have seen him chasing crows who like to roost there. In this photograph, the kill which the Peregrine Falcon is holding in its talons seemed to me like the Grey Horn Bill which strangely, is larger than the Falcon itself!