The rains are over at Kabini. It was indeed a rare sighting to spot elephants during the safaris by boat or jeep, as the bushes had overgrown. Thanks to the monsoon, much vegetation was available for the grazing animals. At the moment, however, the winter is showering its grace on these mixed dry and moist deciduous forests of Bandipur and Nagarhole, thus causing plants and trees to shed their leaves. At the same time, the gradually receding river gently exposes her green grassland.

The forest floor is slowly drying up, thus forcing the elephants to look for fodder. I am glad to see these giants revealing their presence on our safaris. After a gap of months, the elephant sightings are back.

elephant, Kabini

The Gentle Giants of Kabini

In one of the safaris by boat recently, we were able to see these two sub adult tuskers emerge from the bushes. They began pushing and pulling each other, practising their future martial combats. We also saw members of their herd in their backdrop in the bushes.

elephant in Kabini