I was on a Boat Safari one beautiful winter evening. I was fortunate that I could guide guests being a Naturalist. As the water from the reservoir gets periodically released, the river is stitched with small island ‘buttons’ of varied shapes.

The evening sun was ‘unravelling’ its splendorous rays as far as possible. This was a real treat for our eyes.

As we glided along the smooth waters of the Kabini, the boat driver, spotting something, called out, “a crocodile!” I enquired about its whereabouts. The boat driver responded by pointing to something that appeared like a log on a small land mass at the centre of the river.

Crocodile, Kabini

Sighting the Wild!

The land was so well-camouflaged, that it took a while for all my guests to spot it. The crocodile was in the company of a small flock of Spot-billed Ducks that gave us the impression that the humungous monster amidst them was their guardian.

A Crocodile at Kabini

It’s a Croc!

I wish for the receding waters of the Kabini to reveal many more ‘hidden beauties’ during our boat safaris!